Your website is out of date

It is easy for your website to become out-of-date, web design trends change, content and requirements grow organically which can result in a website design that is untidy, difficult to use and out of sync with your brand - all of which will affect your site’s ability to attract visitors and generate leads.


Your website is not responsive and does not look good in mobile devices

Since the number of people who access the Internet using their smart phones is on an increase, it is imperative to have a mobile presence to ensure you don’t miss out on potential clients. Old websites built on flash are not very compatible to mobiles. Review your site on multiple devices; laptops, large monitors, phones, tablets, etc. If your website does not run well on all of these devices, you are missing out on traffic and customers.


Maybe you would like to add new features and improve your website

If you want to add new features to  your website WordPress comes packed full of features for every user, for every other feature there’s a plugin directory with thousands of plugins. Add complex galleries, social networking, forums, social media widgets, spam protection, calendars, fine-tune controls for search engine optimization, and forms. 


Contact us and at a very reasonable price, we will redesign  your website or design a new one  with a professional and creative touch.